Design Director



Hey. I’m Travis and I’m a problem solver. My greatest pleasure is to have my work be unnoticed. I am always two steps ahead and usually more, clearing the way for you to complete your task and get back to something you would rather be spending time doing. I want to enable you to cross that item off your todo list without even knowing I was there. 

I am currently the Director of Product Design at Grubhub. My team’s focus is on prioritizing, optimizing and delivering products that helps our customers, as well as our internal business needs. I am responsible for understanding our customer’s needs and using data-driven design to improve the customer experience for all of our interfaces. In addition to my strong user experience design skills, I am also focused in getting the best work out of a cross-functional product team.

For the past 15+ years I have worked closely with clients, customers, project managers, visual designers and developers to ensure a great user experience for everyone involved in a project. In the last couple of years I have completed projects for several Fortune 100 corporations, a number of multi-billion dollar global companies and several state agencies.

If you are ready to chat, send me an email or connect on LinkedIn